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IPC India Webinar
Workforce Training Overview
Electronics Assembly for Operator (EAO)
Wire Harness Assembly Operator (WHO)

Wednesday June 30, 2021
12.30 PM – 1.30 PM

  Industry Importance:  

Workforce development in Electronics Manufacturing is important for the growth of the industry. Skill development is an important driver to address improving employability, productivity and inclusive growth. In today’s economy, this is a crital factor for sustainable enterprise development. Starting with successful onboarding of new employees, workforce development training is a key part of the effort. Providing employees with upskilling opportunities by expanding their knowledge, employees not only become better positioned for additional responsibilities and higher-level but also brings production efficiency. Whether the final product is used in telecommunications or aerospace, every step in the electronics manufacturing requires crtical knowledge & attention for achieving world class high-quality end products.


    •  12.30 PM: “Importance of Mapping Journey of Skilling in Electronics Manufacturing” by Gaurab Majumdar, Executive Director, IPC India
    •  12.40 PM: “Electronics Assembly for Operator” New course presentation by Mr. C S Nagaraj, Master IPC Trainer, IPC India
    •  1.00 PM: “Wire Harness Assembly Operator” New course presentation by Mr. T. N Phanishayee Master IPC Trainer, IPC India
    •  Q&A Session & wrap up

  Benefits of participation:  

Does your workforce need a fundamental understanding of the industry? How do you bring new hires up to speed on industry vocabulary, business practices and technical skills? Could your training regimen use an influx of new content? IPC offers a variety of education experiences to deliver consistent and effective training across your organization. IPC supports industry in achieving world class high-quality end products and helps to ensure superior quality, reliability and consistency in electronics manufacturing. Learn the details & benefits of the New Operator level course created by & for the Industry.

  Who can participate:  

Operators/Professionals engaged in electrical & electronics industry. Faculties & students in electronics Department of technical Institutes & Universities. Associations and Government Agencies associated with skill development programs.

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About The Presenters

  Mr. T N Phanishayee, Certified Master IPC Trainer, IPC Instructor  


  Mr. C S Nagaraj, Certified Master IPC Trainer, IPC Instructor