Advanced Professional Development Course

GHz Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Aspects
presented by Mr. S L N Murthy

IPC India – a wholly owned subsidiary of IPC, USA is set to conduct a one-day Advanced Professional Development Course on
GHz Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Aspects presented by Mr. S L N Murthy.

The registration for the workshop is open to all participants.


Controlled impedance designs that emerged during early 1990’s was the forerunner for design challenges for PCB designers. This PCB transmission line impedance a driving factor in delivering the high-speed boards has been eclipsed by chipsets with sub-nanosecond switching times.

Interconnects and their behaviour are now governed by device rise times, PCB material conductor characteristics, dielectric properties etc. Choice of material dependant on, insertion loss, surface roughness of copper is becoming a critical decision point.

Key parameters of interconnect, performance pointers, and decision making when PCB build characteristics vary from fabricator to fabricator as impact of PCB stack build variances are addressed.

Simulation of the interconnects based on placement at pre-route level and deriving the routing constraints are a key part of design process. Post-route validation including 3D modelling of VIA’s are detailed. Challenges in analysis of structures, modelling aspects of device, interconnect and VIA are detailed to ensure a robust design.

These aspects of signal interconnects are detailed in this program. Modelling devices, interconnects, analysing the same are presented. Alternative PCB build like HDI are presented. High speed technologies like PCIe, DDRx, are detailed including case studies and solutions therein.

Power Integrity is reviewed in detail taking the various aspect of design realisation. This covers details of DC Voltage drop, plane structure and its importance to ensure proper voltage delivery at the chip (silicon) level. Importance of the Decoupling Capacitors, their choice, modelling for computation of AC target impedance of the power plane structures are detailed. Capacitor mounting recommendations, type of Capacitor and dielectric material characteristics are reviewed.

Case studies using Mentorgraphics Hyperlynx software is presented as either videos of actual design validation or design examples are presented to make the concepts clear.

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